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Head of Experience

Portland, Oregon   |   Full time

We are looking for a Head of Experience to ensure unforgettable trip experiences for our travelers and hosts. The Head of Experience will be tasked with managing and expanding partnerships across the globe while also managing our regional Trip Management team.

The position is full-time at our Headquarters in Portland, OR.



  • Ensure best possible partnerships at existing destinations
  • Manage economics and pricing structures for existing and future partnerships
  • Streamline partnership management and expansion processes
  • Develop and vet new partnerships at destinations recommended by the Account Management team
  • Understand and provide proactive destination recommendations based on political and socioeconomic climates

Trip Management

  • Manage the recruiting and hiring strategies and execution for all Trip Managers across the globe
  • Develop and maintain a first-in-class training curriculum for new Trip Managers
  • Assign Trip Managers to trips and destinations and ensure coverage for all trips
  • Optimize the trip scheduling strategy and provide guidance to Account Management
  • Manage compensation structures and provide ongoing reviews for all trip Managers


  • 5+ years in the tour operator or similar industry
  • Experience successfully managing a team
  • Experience developing and managing international partnerships
  • Extensive travel experience to various regions of the world
  • Operational experience developing and optimizing scalable processes
  • Analytical and data-driven in approach
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and communication
  • A passion for travel & learning
  • Track record of achieving success
  • Integrity and a commitment to excellence

Preferred qualifications:

  • Experience with business technologies
  • Lived abroad for a period of time
  • Fluent in a second language


About TrovaTrip

TrovaTrip's mission is "to enhance lives through meaningful connections, learning and exploration." We strive to provide unforgettable travel and learning experiences hosted by top category experts from around the globe. We have a deep passion for travel & learning and are dedicated to making travel & learning accessible to all.

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